OWIN fiber laser cutting machine helps the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry to be modernized

In recent years, the accelerated process of agricultural automation has promoted the rapid development of agricultural machinery industry. And the demand for modern processing technology is becoming more and more urgent. With the continuous upgrading and development of agricultural machinery products, traditional manufacturing and processing technology has been unable to meet the demand. Laser processing technology, automation technology and other high-tech processing methods have undoubtedly become the development trend of agricultural machinery manufacturing industry.
Generally speaking, the most commonly used sheet metal materials in the agricultural machinery industry are 2-6mm metal plates. There are many kinds of sheet metal parts. The traditional processing way is to use punch press, which consumes large mold and high cost. It seriously limits the rapid updating and technological research and development of agricultural machinery.

In contrast, the advantage of using fiber laser cutting machine is very obvious.

  1. Fiber laser cutting machine improves the processing efficiency of parts, reduce the production cycle of agricultural machinery products with its high speed. Whether simple or complex graphics,metal fiber laser cutter can achieve rapid prototyping cutting.
  2. Good cutting effect, narrow cutting gap, smooth cutting surface without burr, high degree of automation, simple operation, low production cost.
  3.  Automatic typesetting can be carried out to improve the utilization rate of materials and avoid waste.
  4.  Green production, good economic benefits.

Chinese fiber laser cutting machine uses professional cutting software to achieve any shape of the metal sheet cutting work. Do not need to change the mold and tool. Not only enrich the processing means of agricultural machinery products, but also shorten the product development cycle, improve the output efficiency of agricultural machinery.

In the research and development of agricultural machinery production, fiber laser cutting machine has become an essential processing equipment and become an important technical support of agricultural machinery automatic production.

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