Application of laser cleaning machine in surface polishing and rust removal of steel manufacturing industry

Laser cleaning machine is an effective and efficient treatment equipment for removing rust and oxidation layer from the surface of metal materials. Rust and oxidation layer are the pollutants,which are formed by metal materials with oxygen, water or other oxide reaction in the process of production.The pollutants will not only reduce the quality of the metal material and can’t be applicable to many production and manufacturing, but also rust can be used as catalyst for the oxidation reaction of metal and make the rust of materials more and more, oxidation reaction faster and faster.

On the other hand, if there is a heat treatment process in the production and manufacturing, it will also form oxide layer on the metal surface, so that the material is changed color, which affect the subsequent processing and manufacturing work.

Generally speaking, the material will be descaling treatment in industrial production, and then it can carry out pre-finishing,finishing and electroplating operations.

Traditional metal material derusting method has physical method and chemical method, such as sandblasting, polishing, scraping, blowing or steel wire brush, which belong to the common physical derusting method. Chemical method is to use alkaline or acidic chemical reagents derusting. However, these two methods will not only cause pollution to the environment, but also cause damage to the base metal materials, raising unnecessary costs.

In order to avoid these defects, laser cleaning has become the preferred way of metal rust removal and descaling.China laser cleaning machine can use the peak power and high repetition rate of laser beam irradiation on the rust layer to remove rust operation.

In addition to cleaning metal blank materials, affordable laser cleaner can also be used to clean the surface of metal parts. In many industrial production, in order to apply a protective layer on the material, the surface of the material is required to be smooth enough and must be cleaned, so that the surface can not remain any pollutants, including oil, oxide layer, hydrate, paint residue and so on.

The working mode of laser cleaning machine is non-contact and non-friction, and it does not need to use chemical solvents or grinding media. So it is very suitable for the operation of removing dirt on the surface of metal materials. Laser cleaning technology is a kind of environmental protection,economic and effective way of rust removal, which has become the steel manufacturing polishing and rust removal top flow equipment.

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