What are the reasons for beam shake of fiber laser cutting machine? How to avoid it?

More and more manufacturing industries are gradually using laser processing technology based on sheet metal processing now. And the application of metal fiber laser cutting machine is more and more widely. However, many users are not familiar with the equipment operation principle,improper operation and other reasons after purchasing fiber laser cutting machine to cause laser beam shake phenomenon. So what is the cause of this phenomenon? And how to avoid it?

Cause analysis and countermeasures of beam shake of fiber laser cutting machine

  1.  Check whether the beam is offset. Under normal circumstances, the offset  shall not exceed 2mm on both sides of the left and right sides.
  2. Check which axis shake occurs when starting up, check whether the motor and drive of the other axis are faulty by disconnecting the power of one axis, and then swap tests to find out the final problem.
  3. Push the beam manually to see if there is obvious resistance. If obstructions are found, they should be cleaned and arranged in time, and then check whether the left tensioning wheel is tight enough.
  4. Push the beam and laser head to see if there is friction sound and shaking phenomenon. If the gap of the slider is too large, the slider needs to be replaced.
  5. If the fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with resistance row, the resistance needs to be measured. If the resistance value is not correct,it is needed to be replaced in time.
  6. Check whether the reducer, laser head, air duct, and drag chain are stuck.
  7. Check the dust on the guide rail of fiber metal laser machine , see if it is too much dust caused by the obstruction, and then clean up and add lubricating oil to the slider.
  8. The fiber laser cutting machine reset direction is correct, but the laser head can not stop when it reaches the end point. It is necessary to check whether the motherboard parameters are correct, whether the sensor is damaged, whether the wiring is correct, whether the magnet position is reasonable.

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