Application of UV laser marker in PCB chip industry

Compared with other marking equipment, UV laser marking machine is the best application equipment of PCB materials in the industrial field. Whether circuit board production, circuit wiring or pocket embedded chip production and other advanced technology can be applied. Affordable Uv laser marking machine is irreplaceable in PCB materials because of its special properties.

In circuit production, China uv laser markers work quickly. It only takes a few minutes to etch the pattern on the circuit board. Uv laser markers are also the fastest way to produce PCB sample production, so more and more sample LABS are ready to equip uv laser systems.

The laser beam size of Uv laser is between 10 and 20nm.It have a unique advantage in producing circuit traces, which are so tiny that they can only be observed under a microscope.

Uv laser engraving machine is also an optimal choice of equipment in large or small production. For PCB disassembly, especially for flexible or rigid flexible circuit board,it is a very good choice.

Traditional mechanical disassembly methods such as v-slot cutting and automatic circuit board cutting are easy to damage sensitive and thin substrate and bring unnecessary trouble to electronic manufacturing industry when disassembling flexible and rigidity-flexible circuit board.

Choosing 3W JPT UV laser engraver can perfect eliminate punching edge processing, deformation, damage circuit components and other mechanical stress produced by disassembly process. At the same time, compared with CO2 laser machine and other laser equipment, uv laser marking machine does not produce thermal stress.

Uv laser marker and engraver can save space during use, which means electronic components can be placed closer to the edge of the line. And more lines can be installed on the circuit board per unit area, greatly improving application efficiency and maximizing the application of flexible lines.

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