Laser cleaning machine plays an important role in metal bonding and welding process

  • The important role of laser cleaning machine in metal bonding process
    In the application of welding and other metal bonding technologies, in order to ensure better joint quality, improve process stability and surface adhesion, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the metal surface to be connected.

If the metal surface cleaning work is not good, there are residual pollutants. Then the joint and welding joints are very prone to degradation, aggravating wear, so that failure, causing irreparable loss. The Chinese laser cleaner can clean the surface of metal materials before bonding, thus improving the strength, corrosion resistance and durability of the bonding.

Laser cleaning machine can effectively remove grease, oxide, etc. And it is especially suitable for applications involving curved surfaces. It has a very good cleaning effect on parts with highly complex three-dimensional geometry.

In the metal bonding process, the main benefit of laser cleaning machine is to fine tune the power and wavelength of the affordable laser metal cleaning machine, so as to facilitate the accurate correction of metals used for microstructure (such as magnesium and aluminum). At the same time, laser cleaning can also improve the corrosion resistance of these materials.

  • The important role of laser cleaning machine in welding process
    Similar to metal bonding process,handheld laser cleaning machine is also very effective in the application of metal welding process. In shipbuilding,precision tool manufacturing, automotive and other related welding industries, it is necessary to clean the welding surface before welding aluminum and steel.

Fiber laser cleaning can effectively remove black and non-ferrous metals, lubricants, oxides and other pollutants on the surface of aluminum, iron and other metal materials,which can effectively ensure the quality of welding, the formation of non-porous welds, no damage to the base material.

In addition to preparing for welding work, fiber laser metal cleaning machine can also effectively remove welding residues, such as residual flux, metal oxide, etc., The hot spot on the welding joint also has obvious cleaning effect.

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