Fiber laser cutting machine further enhances the competitiveness of enterprises for medical equipment

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, countries are paying more attention to the medical industry.And the demand for various medical equipment is also increasing.

According to the end market demands, in addition to higher requirements of product quality, the speed of delivery is also more important. For medical equipment manufacturers, after the introduction of laser processing equipment, many of the processing procedures that need a lot of tedious processes to complete in the past can complete the processing only in a single laser metal cutter now.

In addition to improving the production efficiency of medical equipment, the introduction of fiber laser cutting machine can also intervene in the design and development of medical equipment.

The upgrading of functions such as operating tables, shadowless lamps, and medical instruments is extremely dependent on the realization of actual production. If the production process does not meet the requirements, then the best design scheme can only stay in theory.

Top rated fiber laser cutting machine can get the error of 0.1mm precision reduction with its excellent performance, higher cutting quality, minimal error, through the product design graphics into the metal laser cutting machine CNC system, so as to test the feasibility of the design on the sample.

Based on this characteristic of fiber laser cutter available, coupled with its processing characteristics of not afraid of graphic complexity, the design space of medical device industry has been greatly expanded.

Compared with general industrial products, medical devices directly affect the human body and are related to human health and life. So the manufacturing process is more strict.In order to meet the industry standards of medical devices, the accuracy of the product can not be careless. So this should benefit from the excellent performance of the high precision fiber laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser cutting machine adopts intelligent NUMERICAL control system. The processing accuracy is far better than manual hand-held operation.The improvement of production efficiency is meaningful only when sufficient process requirements are met in precision. Therefore, updating the production technician mode and introducing laser processing technology are a top priority for medical device processing enterprises.

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