Affordable 1000W 1500W 2000W fiber laser cleaning machine using for metal rust, paint,oil and coating removal 

  • Fiber laser cleaning machine for coating removal
    In industrial manufacturing processing,fiber laser cleaning machine is very significant processing equipment to remove material surface paint or coating. It can be applied to almost all surface types, including chemical anodes, oxide layers, organic coatings, etc.

In industry applications,fiber laser cleaning machines have a significant advantage in removing coatings and paint while maintaining the integrity of the substrate.

In coating removal, the main role of handheld fiber laser cleaning machine is to make precise treatment for the functional and designed surface. Fabricate continuous contacts for Faraday cages in aerospace industry manufacturing, providing joints for cables, wiring, etc connections, stripping coating cleaning in electronic field.

In the production of many precision structures and important industrial products, the key welding work must be carried out after the coating treatment. Fiber laser rust removal machine is the preferred equipment. Other cleaning processes can cause hidden problems in the cleaning area, such as hand and power tools, abrasives, chemicals, etc., which may cause further damage to the surface and affect subsequent processing.

  • Laser cleaning machine selective painting removal
    Selective painting removal is also one of the important applications of laser painting removal cleaning machine. In the maintenance and protection of automobile, aerospace, ship and other industries, in order to remove the weathered protective paint, it is necessary to remove the topmost paint while protecting the primer.

Protective coating and surface primer are different due to the physical and chemical properties. The laser power and frequency of the fiber laser cleaning machine can be set, so as to achieve the purpose of only removing the top layer of protective paint.

The laser produced by fiber laser cleaning machine has no thermal effect on the primer. Therefore, it can be very good to ensure the integrity of the surface primer.

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