How to prolong the service life of lens of fiber laser cutting machine ?

If fiber laser lens protection is not proper when using fiber metal laser cutter or the usual maintenance work is not done, then lens will often be burned out or broken.

First of all, if the cutting machine lens is often burned out or the frequency of rupture is too high,maybe the quality of the lens itself is poor.Or Customers do not pay attention to maintenance usually. In order to save costs, many manufacturers will use ordinary or inferior lenses in production. In addition, the lenses themselves are consumable. If accidentally collision occurs in the process of disassembly and transportation, it will also cause damage to the lenses.

So how can the lens of metal sheet and pipe fiber laser cutting machine prolong the service life and prevent burning out?

The lens life of fiber laser cutting machine with rotary is closely related to the thickness of cutting plate and the stability of air pressure. When using fiber laser cutter for cutting metal, we can increase the blowing delay and pay attention to adjust the focal length.

In addition, to remember the number of perforation per unit time, the higher the fiber laser perforation output frequency is,it will be more likely to produce perforation sputtering,thus damaging the we need to set the time well before the start of the perforation work.

The lens of high power fiber laser cutting machine should be cleaned before starting work every day.We must do a good job of dust removal for fiber laser cutting machine after finishing the daily work.When cleaning lens,do not damage the lens. It is necessary to clean dust on the lens before replacing it.

Whether in the work or downtime,we should always check whether there are stains and liquid on the lens. Fiber laser cutting machine will produce a lot of gasification metal and residue in the process of working.Blowing away the pollutants generated by cutting is also an essential means of lens protection.

Finally, in addition to the inspection of the lens, it is also necessary to regularly check whether the air compressor and dryer can operate normally.

These can ensure that the lens of the fiber laser cutting machine is durable and reused to avoid the possibility of burning out.

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