UV laser marking machine better engraving affect in plastic materials marking application

In the marking work of plastic materials, UV laser marking machine is very different from the traditional marking process. Laser processing technology is not only fast speed, accurate processing quality, but also the marking graphics can be customized by computer programming. In addition, uv laser engraving machine is environmental protection and healthy.No consumable and lower cost.

Many practices have proved that uv laser marker has better marking effect on plastic materials. Compared with other types of laser marking machine, UV laser can achieve black marking by selecting the lower surface of carbonized plastic.

UV laser marking machine is the use of ultraviolet laser. The short wavelength ultraviolet laser energy can stimulate the chemical reaction of the material. At the same time, it can avoid the thermal effect and reduce the excessive output of heat. This property is more suitable for processing some sensitive materials, such as plastics containing flame retardants. In terms of processing effect, uv laser produces a very small spot, which can achieve high resolution marking work. And at the same time UV laser can get the best surface quality and processing speed.

Compared with infrared laser and green laser, ultraviolet laser does not need to add expensive laser sensitive additives during processing, which can further reduce the cost, achieve faster processing speed and get better processing effect.

From the point of view of materials, the marking work of plastic materials is generally to change the color under the surface of the material. When using the UV laser marking machine, the laser input is limited to a very small area, so that the marking content and the surrounding background material are clearly distinguished and forms an easily recognizable trace.

Uv laser marking machine supplier used uv laser wavelength is 355nm,which provides a new solution for plastic materials marking work . In particular, its cold working characteristics can be used in plastic materials.

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