The application and advantage of automatic fiber laser pipe cutting machine in protective fence industry

With the development of social economy and the progress of science and technology, the protective fence is also changing with the form of the building. Highway fence, street fence, landscape fence, stair handrail, balcony fence, green belt fence and so on can be seen everywhere. More and more new materials are also gradually applied to the protective fence, such as iron fence, aluminum alloy fence, stainless steel fence and so on.

In the application of protective fences, most of them are pipe processing, we often cut, drill and weld square or round pipes of various metal materials. In order to improve the processing efficiency, product quality and reduce the waste of materials in the fence industry, automatic fiber laser pipe cutting machine has become the secret weapon of various fence manufacturers.

  1. Lost cost

The automatic metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut metal pipe, no need to open the mold. Any shape can be programmed by computer, saving the cost of mold manufacturing. Automatic fiber laser metal tube cutter can realize cutting automatic typesetting, nesting, avoid material waste, improving material utilization rate and reducing cost.

2.More flexible

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine can process any regular shape of pipe, which can achieve perfect cutting in any direction. Processing shape can be rapidly changed by programming design, providing customers with flexibility and personalized processing.

3.Good effect and high quality
Compared with the traditional metal pipe cutting process, fiber laser cutting section is smooth without burr. And the processing quality is good. The pipe cut down can be directly welded, which reduces the subsequent processing procedures and improves the production efficiency.

Main advantages of Jinan Owin fiber laser metal sheet and pipe cutting machine :
1. Set square tube, round tube, flat tube, plane cutting into one, more powerful function, strong practicability.

  • Gantry double drive, more excellent cutting performance and stability.
  • Self-centering fixture system can ensure the stability of pipe conveying, thus improving the processing accuracy and quality.
  • The processing is more accurate and the error is small.
  • Fast speed, good processing quality, reducing rework rate, improving production efficiency.

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