Laser marking machine using skills: how to adjust marking depth of laser marking machine?

In the marking industry, laser marking machine can become the mainstream equipment because of its wide range of application.Laser marking machine can mark on a variety of materials, highlighting the performance of anti-counterfeiting. In addition to marking effect and marking speed, its advantages are also reflected in the marking depth and clarity. If the marking depth is not enough, the mark is not obvious. It is easy to promote the rampant counterfeiting and piracy. So how to adjust the marking depth of the fiber and CO2 laser marking machine?

  1. Direct adjustment to improve the power of laser marking machine.It is the most direct way to improve the marking depth.
  2. Reduce the marking speed of fiber laser engraving machine. At the same power, other parameters remain unchanged. The slower the marking speed is, the deeper the marking depth is.
  3. Replace the F-theta lens of laser marking machine with a small range of  F-theta lens. The smaller the field scope is, the deeper the marking depth is and the more obvious the marking trace is.
  4.  Optimize the quality of the laser beam. It is necessary to replace the stable laser pump source, laser all-reaction mirror and laser output mirror, etc., Especially the laser material and crystal inside the laser source, which can effectively improve the quality of the laser beam, thus increasing the marking depth and clarity.
  5. The use of high quality laser group, which can make the marking space spot effect more balanced and get a more uniform marking graph.
  6. Adjust the appropriate laser focal length. Better and shorter focal length  F-theta lens can be used on laser marking machines to increase the energy density of the laser beam. In the focal length adjustment, we need to hear the laser beam hit the workpiece surface with the loudest sound. At this point, the energy is maximum at the laser spot. The marking depth is better. And the graph is clearer.

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