How to choose air compressor equipment correctly for fiber laser cutting machine?

Auxiliary gas is essential for the work of fiber laser cutting machine. Its main role is to blow away the slag in the coaxial cutting joint, cool the surface of the workpiece, reduce the impact of the hot zone during cutting and prevent the dust generated in the cutting process from entering the lens seat and polluting the lens. In addition, some auxiliary gases can also play a role in protecting the base metal. Generally speaking, the gas properties and pressure of auxiliary gas will have a certain impact on the cutting effect, including cutting speed, cutting thickness, surface quality, etc.

To use auxiliary gas, it must be inseparable from air compressor. In the face of so many kinds of air compressor equipment, how should we choose?

In the metal cutting industry, the air compressors commonly used by fiber laser cutting machine are divided into oil air compressors and oil-free air compressors. In contrast, more suitable for fiber laser metal cutting machine is oil-free air compressor. Oil-free air compressor is not completely oil-free air compressor, but very low oil content. This air compressor equipment can provide guarantee for the stable operation of high power fiber laser cutting machine.

If you use any oil air compressor, it often needs to consume lubricating oil, and it also can not provide a stable operating environment for fiber laser cutting machine. In the process of the work,It is easy to produce oil, oil-water mixture and dirty protective lens of fiber laser cutting machine, thus affecting the light path of the laser cutting machine, led to the cutting effect not ideal.

In the selection of air compressor for 1000W fiber laser cutting machine, it is best to choose screw oil-free air compressor. This air compressor equipment can be more stable in the process. And its service life is longer.

If the air compressor equipment with oil has been purchased, it is recommended to equip the air compressor with two oil-water filters, which can reduce the harm caused by oil and water to the fiber laser cutting machine to a certain extent.

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