Application analysis of laser marking machine in automobile industry

Laser marking machine has become more and more mature in the marking application of many products.With the continuous improvement of industrial technology, laser marking technology continues to innovate and has gradually been widely used in the automotive industry.

Laser marking machine make personalized laser engraving and drilling for various fabrics, leather, synthetic materials made of car seat covers, pillowcases and so on.

A complete car is composed of countless parts. And there are hundreds of parts in terms of types. In order to effectively distinguish, identify and manage so many parts, it is necessary to mark identification information on their surfaces. Laser marking machine occupies an unshakable position with its traditional marking means of insurmountable superiority in the field of auto parts.

In the field of auto parts processing, UV laser marking machine is mainly used in two-dimensional code, bar code, clear code, production date, serial number, logo, pattern, identification certification, warning signs and other information, including automobile wheel, engine cylinder, keys, crankshaft, labels and other accessories of high quality marking work.

So what is the processing principle and advantages of laser marking machine compared with the traditional marking work?

The working principle of fiber laser marking machine is to use high energy laser beam irradiation on the surface of automobile parts, so that the surface of the parts of the material quickly evaporates and denatures, so as to form any shape we need and get permanent identification mark.

The advantages of laser marking machine:

High precision. The precision of mopa laser marking machine can reach about 0.1mm and can carry out ultra-fine graphic marking.
High efficiency. Laser processing speed fast, it can complete mass production with assembly line, mechanical arm and improve production efficiency.

The effect is good. Laser marking machine can cooperate with the processing requirements of the workpiece for different depth of graphic marking work.In order to complete the laser white, laser black, laser color and other effects.
Wide range of use. Laser marking machine is suitable for most parts in the automotive industry, including metal, glass, leather, plastic and so on.

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