Application of fiber laser cleaning machine and fiber laser welding machine in aluminum-silicon coating materials

With the continuous development of laser technology,handheld fiber laser welding machine has become the mainstream application equipment in the welding field of metal sheet metal. What problems should be paid attention to when welding aluminized steel? What do you need to do to achieve the best welding results?

  1. fiber laser welding

When fiber laser welder machine is used spot welding process for aluminum plated steel plate welding, it needs higher current and closer welding monitoring than cold rolled steel plate. Electrode maintenance is also very important,which needs to be corrected at any time to prevent the deformation of the contact surface.

Aluminized steel plate is aluminum-silicon alloy coated steel. This material has higher melting point than galvanized steel plate,not easy to flow. Melting area is small. After the welding, a layer gray black material will be left at the weld, which is the impurity formed by the oxidation reaction of silicon at high temperature during the welding process.

The traditional method of cleaning this impurity is to use strong acid, but the cleaning of strong acid will cause serious damage to the environment, which violates the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

This requires the use of fiber laser cleaning machine to clean up the work.

  • Fiber laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is a green cleaning method. The cleaning process does not need to use any chemical agents and cleaning liquid. Cleaning process generated the waste is basically solid powder. These waste particles are small, easy to store, recyclable and effectively avoid the environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning problems.

When handheld fiber laser cleaning machine is working, laser can use optical fiber transmission and then cooperates with the mechanical device,which can achieve remote cleaning to ensure the safety of personnel and improve the cleaning efficiency.

Fiber laser cleaning machine is also very extensive in the application of materials,which can clean the surface dirt of all kinds of materials to achieve the cleanliness that conventional cleaning can not achieve. The cleaning process does not hurt the material.You can choose to clean the pollutants.

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