What problems should be paid attention to when choosing fiber laser cutting machine?

In recent years, whether in metal cutting or non-metal cutting industry, metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine has been very widely used with the continuous progress of laser technology. In many cutting industries, fiber laser cutting machine has a very large market share. So what problems are needed paying attention to when purchasing fiber laser cutting machine ? It can be considered from the following aspects.

  • Selection of working table size
    The size of table of the fiber laser cutting machine determines the size of processing. Once the size of fiber laser metal cutting machine is determined, it cannot be changed. Before choosing the size of the machine, we must determine our workload. If the processing metal plate area is larger, it is necessary to choose a larger table size.
  • Laser power of fiber laser cutting machine
    The higher the power of the fiber laser cutter is, the thicker the material can be cut, and the faster the cutting speed is. But fiber laser cutting machine is not higher power better cutting effect. When cutting thin plate, pay more attention to cutting precision and cutting quality, choosing the corresponding medium power fiber laser machine, cutting effect is better. So according to their own processing material and processing thickness to choose the most suitable  fiber laser power of fiber laser metal cutter.
  • Core accessories of fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine core accessories: laser source, laser cutting head, water chiller and other core components will directly affect the laser quality. So that the cutting effect, cutting speed and other parameters will also been have a greater impact.

The differences of brand model of many core components are not only reflected in the price,but also in performance, quality, stability, after-sales service and other aspects. So when buying fiber laser cutting machine,we should not only pay attention to the price, but also to confirm the brand and model of the main parts of fiber laser cutting machine.

  • Manufacturer’s assembly process
    For fiber laser cutting machine, the core accessories are from the supplier,which are similar for many manufacturers. But the assembly process and processing that determine the cutting effect and accuracy of equipment are tested manufacturers, including the assembly of bed, beam, guide rail, rack, gear and other parts. The quality of fiber laser cutting machine not only depends on the composition of components, but also depends on the requirements of manufacturers for assembly technology and processing technology.
  • After-sales service
    After-sales service is also one of the important indicators to be considered when buying fiber laser cutting machine. No matter how good the quality of the fiber laser is, problems will inevitably occur in the operation and maintenance of daily work because of various factors. At this time, whether the fiber laser manufacturer can respond in time and provide solutions,it is particularly important. After all, whether the timely solution to the problem is also an important guarantee of production.

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