How to choose the power of fiber laser marking machine?

Fiber laser marking machine is a very popular laser marking equipment in recent years. It can complete marking work on most metal and nonmetal materials. However, fiber laser marking machine is divided into a variety of different power. Different power are also different corresponding to the field, materials. So how should we choose the power of fiber laser marking machine?

  • Power range of common fiber laser marking machine
    Power of fiber laser engraving machine commonly used are: 10 w /20w/ 30 w / 50 w / 60 w / 70 w / 100 w. The greater the power is,the marking deeper is. Relatively speaking, application range are more wide. At the same time, the high power also represents the higher power consumption. So the power selection of the fiber laser marking machine should be selected according to demand. Now the mainstream marking machine power is more in 20W/30W/50W/100W.
  • Application of fiber laser marking machine
  • Fiber laser marking machine engraving
    For laser engraving, we should choose more high-power equipment to complete the laser engraving work. Generally use more than 60W laser marking machine, such as copper engraving, mechanical signs.The general depth is 3mm or less. If the engraving depth is more than 3mm, it is recommended to use a 100W laser engraving machine.
  • Small depth marking
    30W/50W fiber laser marking machine is usually used for logo and logo marking with a depth of less than 5μm on metal or nonmetal materials.
  • No deep marking
    For some marking work without depth, we usually choose below 30W fiber laser marking machine, such as smooth product surface, electroplating products, etc
  • Plastic marking
    Generally speaking, the plastic marking work does not need high power laser marking equipment. 10W to 30W power can be competent.
  • Metal anti
    Metal black marking process is the most common in stainless steel. Black work is usually used high power laser to complete,normal from 30W to 60W laser marking equipment.
  • In the purchase of fiber laser marking machine, the power is higher,it will be better. Because whether efficiency or application of fault tolerance, the high power equipment will be higher. The higher the power is,the deeper making is.The higher the frequency of the laser beam,the higher the energy density is. The higher the corresponding pattern clarity is.

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