What is the effect of fiber laser cleaning machine on the surface properties of aluminum alloy molds?

For mold cleaning methods, mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, ultrasonic and dry ice cleaning are used commonly. In the past mold cleaning work, these methods have been widely used. But in today’s automatic cleaning requirements, these methods are very limited.

Compared with other cleaning methods, dry ice cleaning has unique technical advantages. But dry ice belongs to chemical products. The preparation and transportation of raw materials are difficult. And the cost is relatively high.

Laser cleaning technology is a new type of green cleaning recently. The different absorption of laser energy by mold surface materials and pollutants can achieve the effects of heating, gasification, evaporation and instant expansion of the attachment, so as to complete the cleaning purpose.

Compared with dry ice cleaning,fiber laser cleaner has the advantages of low cost, easy automation, remote control and no secondary consumption in the cleaning process.

So when handheld fiber laser cleaning machine is cleaning the mold, what impact will it have on the properties of the surface material of the mold?

The following conclusions were drawn by the changes of macroscopic morphology, microscopic morphology, hydrophobicity, surface element content and residual stress of aluminum alloy die surface before and after cleaning by fiber laser cleaner machine.

Laser cleaning can improve the surface roughness of aluminum alloy mold  and can form micro-coral structure on the surface, so as to improve the hydrophobicity of the mold. In the cleaning process, the laser irradiation can precipitate trace elements in aluminum alloy material to the surface of the mold, thus changing the stress state of the mold surface, which has a significant beneficial effect on the life and the molding effect of the mold.

In summary,fiber laser cleaning not only improves the way of cleaning the mold and has a good removal effect on the surface pollutants, but also it can improve the surface quality of the mold and indirectly raise the molding effect. It provides a useful reference for the application of 1000W 1500W 2000W fiber laser cleaning machine in metal die cleaning.

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