What are the applications of fiber laser cleaning machine in railway industry?

With the continuous development of railway train technology, train speed is constantly improving, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance of the train, railway and other parts. In addition to production, train and track maintenance is also a priority.

There is a very important link to the maintenance of the train wheel, which is to carry out ultrasonic inspection of the axle and wheel, so as to determine whether cracks inside or not. However, due to long-term exposure to the air, the wheel will produce different degrees rust. The existence of rust will seriously affect the quasi-determination of ultrasonic detection,which can not determine the internal quality condition. Therefore, before ultrasonic detection, at first we must carry out rust removal.

At present, the rust removal work of train wheels and axles usually is used rolling steel wire brush. And water is used to wash in the maintenance process. First of all, this method has many disadvantages:

  1.  The use of wire brush will cause a lot of wear on the brush head. Need to replace after using some days. cleaning costs are relatively high.

2. When cleaning wheel by the brush head of wire brush, a large number of wire cutting will fall off. These small particles often cause equipment failure, resulting in safety risks.

3. Wire brush cleaning is not only noisy, but also produces a lot of sewage, causing environmental pollution.

4. Limited by the structure, this cleaning method will have a lot of dead ends. And it still needs to be cleaned by hand.

Fiber laser cleaning machine is a new cleaning technology that has been widely used recently. It can not only meet the cleanliness requirements of train and railway maintenance, but also avoid the disadvantages mentioned above.

Fiber laser cleaner machine is green pollution-free and low operation and maintenance cost,which will not cause damage to the base material although it contacts material cleaning directly. In terms of cleaning effect, fiber laser metal rust removal machine can effectively remove oil, rust, paint, oxide layer and other pollutants on the surface of metal materials. After continuous technical development and improvement, it has been widely used in automobile, mold, ship, railway and other industries.

At present, the most commonly used laser cleaning equipment is using single pulse laser energy. Although it can effectively remove pollutants, the overall output power is low. Cleaning efficiency is difficult to meet the requirements of use. In this case, Jinan owin cnc Equipment Co., Ltd. developed a new laser cleaning technology – laser composite cleaning technology.

Laser composite cleaning technology is based on the single pulse laser, pulse laser and continuous laser in one, so that continuous laser and pulse laser interaction forms a new surface treatment method. The working principle of this way is: continuous laser spot irradiation the attachment to generate heat, thermal expansion with the workpiece, reduce the binding force between the workpiece and the attachment. Pulsed laser irradiation produces shock wave, stripping the attachment with reduced adhesion to the base material to achieve the purpose of rapid cleaning.

Compared with the traditional single pulse laser cleaning technology, the cleaning efficiency of the new laser cleaning machine has been significantly improved.

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