What are the reasons for uneven marking effect of fiber laser marking machine? How to solve it?

With the development and improvement of laser processing technology, fiber laser marking machine has become an indispensable important equipment in laser marking processing with its small size, no consumables, maintenance-free, low cost and many advantages. But in the process of use, we often encounter a problem: how to do for the uneven effect of fiber laser marker machine?

Reason one: The marking pattern is in or beyond the critical range of focal depth.

Each focusing mirror has a focus deep range. If the pattern marking is carried out by off-focus method, the edge of the marking pattern will be at the critical point of focal depth or beyond the focal depth range, which is easy to cause uneven standard effect.

Solution: when using off-focus method for laser marking, we need to consider the problem of laser energy and try not to exceed the critical range of focus.

Reason two: The output spot of the laser source is blocked or not round enough

The laser output head, fixed fixture and galvanometer of the fiber laser engraving machine are not adjusted well, which will lead to partial occlusion of the light spot, which will also lead to uneven marking effect.

In addition, if the deflection lens of the galvanometer is damaged, when the laser beam passes through this area, it cannot be well reflected out, resulting in inconsistent output energy and uneven standard effect.

Solution: Before using fiber laser engraver machine, we should first debug the laser output head, fixture and galvanometer, check whether the lens is damaged. Repair and replace it in time.

Reason three: Thermal lensing

The process of laser refraction or reflection through the lens will produce thermal effect, which will cause the lens to expand and deform, thus changing the focus position.

Solution: Maintain the heat dissipation system of the laser marking machine, and replace it in time if the lens is deformed.

Reason four: The laser galvanometer or field lens of the fiber laser marking machine is not parallel to the processing table.

If the two items are not parallel, the distance between the laser beam and the processed object will be different, so that the energy density is not consistent, leading to uneven standard effect.

Solution: Before using laser marking machine, test and adjust the level of the machine.

Reason five: The material itself
When the coating thickness and density of processing materials are not uniform, it will lead to uneven surface properties. And the effect of laser marking is not uniform.

Solution: Material selection should be careful. Coating thickness and surface treatment should also be done well.

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