Fiber laser cleaning machine has great advantages in magnesium alloy waste treatment

In recent years, the use of magnesium alloy has increased sharply in industrial production,which mainly used in transportation equipment and other manufacturing industries. The reason why magnesium alloy materials are so widely used is that the alloy has very little pollution to the environment. And the material itself has great advantages: lightweight, low density, recyclable. At the same time, with the massive use of magnesium alloy, it is inevitable to produce a lot of magnesium alloy waste.

At present, magnesium alloy wastes are basically discarded. Because it is very difficult to remove the residual adhesive substances on the material surface, such as paint and grease.

This requires using the recent emergence of new cleaning equipment: fiber laser cleaning machine. Under the condition of laser irradiation, surface residual pollutants can be easily removed, so as to reveal clean surface. This kind of waste treated by fiber laser cleaner machine is completely consistent with the surface properties of materials used in industrial production,which greatly reduces the energy consumption, but also avoids the waste of materials.

Magnesium alloy materials have great adsorption capacity to paint, grease and other pollutants in industrial production and manufacturing process. Kerosene is often used for cleaning by traditional means, but the waste that has been cleaned by kerosene will have many holes and contain a certain amount of carbon and chlorine, which will not only cause environmental pollution, but also affect the physical properties of the material surface.

After using fiber laser metal cleaning machine to clean, waste surface pollution is much smaller than kerosene cleaning. And the waste cleaned by laser compared with clean waste, the sample made of corrosion is similar.It can be used as a renewable raw material.

Fiber laser cleaning machine is the use of high energy laser beam on the surface of the material to remove the pollutants. The nature of the material itself will not cause damage. From the point of view of appearance, the magnesium alloy waste cleaned by fiber laser cleaning machine is basically the same as the unused alloy, which has no impact on recycling and reuse.

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