Application and great advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in elevator manufacturing industry

With the economic growth, the elevator industry is developing more and more rapidly. The market is becoming more and more extensive. As we all know, the material commonly used in the elevator is stainless steel plate and some metal materials with film. These materials have higher requirements for surface finish. With the expansion of the market and the improvement of demand, the production cycle of elevator products is becoming shorter and shorter. Some customized elevator sheet metal even need to be customized according to customer requirements.

The production mode of multi-station stamping machine has been unable to meet the current processing needs.The mainstream production equipment has been gradually replaced by fiber laser cutting machine.

So what is the difference between the traditional elevator processing method and fiber laser cutting technology? How does the fiber laser metal cutting machine become the top flow equipment in the elevator manufacturing industry?

  • Traditional processing methods
    In the past, the elevator production workshop uses multi-station punch for sheet metal processing, including lathe, milling, planing, drilling, grinding and so on. The working principle is mainly dependent on mechanical external force, through the harder material to complete the removal and stripping process of excess metal layer. Not only the process is complicated, but also the workpiece is very easy to produce deformation, which consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.
  • CO2 laser processing
    CO2 laser cutting machine is the beginning of the laser cutting machine equipment the elevator industry. It uses light, electricity, chemical and other non-mechanical energy to complete the stripping of metal materials and removal work, which can complete the use of low hardness materials to complete the processing of high hardness materials.

Compared with the traditional processing method, this method has no contact, easy processing, safety and environmental protection.

  •  The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine
    The most commonly used sheet metal in the elevator industry is mainly 3mm stainless steel materials. When using CO2 laser cutting machine for processing, not only the power consumption is very high, but also the gas consumption is large. The high cost and complex commissioning of CO2 laser make it unable to keep pace with the development of elevator industry.

The advantages of the new fiber laser metal cutter machine are: fast running speed, low production cost. Fiber laser cutter can complete the cutting of copper, aluminum and other high anti-materials. Fiber laser cutting machine has no external optical path, more stable work, higher efficiency.

With these irreplaceable advantages, fiber laser cutting machine has gradually replaced CO2 laser cutting machine becomes the preferred equipment of elevator processing industry.

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