OWF-1000W handheld fiber laser welding machine
1 Easy to operate even if new user        2  Small occupied land        3 Convenient movement with wheels        4 High speed welding        5 Lost power consumption        6 High security and no radialization interfere
OWF-1000W Welding video

Long life welding source

Friendly welding no pollution

Fast welding up to 10m/min for thin metal sheet

Almost no need maintenance

High quality welding no gaps.

Product Parameter



Laser power

1000W / 1500W / 2000W

Laser welding head

Hand held

Laser wavelength 


Laser spot


Welding depth


Welding gap







3 phase 380V

Raycus fiber laser source

1000W fiber laser power supply.Famous brand in China and durable performance.No need maintenance.Much save the time and energy for the user.

Machine structure

Heavy and new design machine structure.Custom color for fiber laser welding machine.Special design for the top handle and bottom universal wheels.Wheels can be locked to avoid moving.more convenient to move the welding machine for the operator.

Fiber laser welding cable and head

With 6m length cable for welding in distant for the welder.Flexible and convenient handheld laser welding head. Welding for any position of the workpiece.No easy to tired for the operator.

Control panel

Chinese and English operating panel.Easy operation.Simple setting and with E stop buttons. High safety.

Handheld laser welding machine

New user can operate the fiber laser welding machine after learning 20min.Low labor cost and radiation.Wearing protective glasses is ok. High welding speed is three to eight times with argon arc welding.Energy concentration and small thermal deformation.Fine and perfect welding gap.High strength. Welding thin materials reach 0,5mm.

No need wire for welding.Low consumable.

Traditional argon arc welding machine

High professional and technical requirements.High labor cost.Occupational disease and bad health.Low speed and efficiency.Large thermal deformation.Thick welding gaps.Rework to polish. Can not weld thin metal. Need welding wire as consumable.Air holes are easy to weld through.

Company Strength

Jinan owin cnc equipment Co.,LTD is located in Jinan city,Shandong province. Our factory coves 6,000 square meters and own more than 100 employees including research and develop department,design department,production department,sales department,after sale service department,quality inspection department and finance department.

Owin factory is divided into 4 area,which are economic model fiber laser machines area,high power custom fiber laser cutting machines area, finished machines area and show room.


Owin laser is gradually improving according to the request and feedback from the customers.Products are more and more humanization and optimization. Hundreds of laser machine equipment are manufactured every month.Owin laser provides customers with timely and professional product analysis, design and maintenance work. Sincerely to cooperate with all of you.


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